The fitness industry “business model” is broken.

We don’t pay our teachers a living wage.

Who then can’t afford to keep teaching.

So teachers:

(A) burn out

(B) do this part time, which doesn’t generate the highest quality professionals in ANY profession

(C) start teaching other teachers (which means a lot of teachers are getting ok training, at best)

So what are you going to pick? A burned out teacher is bad. But so is an inexperienced or poorly trained one.

As consumers, we don’t want to spend money on costly gym memberships or drop-in passes.

But your teacher should be getting paid the same amount per hour as a consultant in any other business, if they are experienced, highly educated professionals.

So what can you do as a client?

*Expect to pay more. Quit hunting for deals or bargaining with your gym or studio. They aren’t making any money, and it’s in part because consumers want “deals” and “options”.

* Scour your teacher’s credentials (in 11 years of teaching, not one client has ever asked me for my credentials) and experience.

* If you are seeing a teacher in a private setting, ask how much experience they have.

* attend classes and sessions by teachers who teach full time. Would you want to see the part time dentist who had NEVER worked full time?

* Don’t assume “anyone can do it”. Teaching body movements isn’t about counting reps or spewing out choreography. Go to someone who is an expert at what they do, and recognized in the local industry as being so.

* Get honest about your own habits. Go to the gym less often (or never), but get quality trainers and professionals to help you, and pay properly for those services, rather than for “unlimited” packages that you aren’t using anyway.

* Consider dropping the gym or studio that you aren’t using and paying for drop-in classes. Not to pay more, but to pay the exceptional teachers for exceptional classes

Consider how you consume fitness. And consider how you compensate for that consumption. And consider what your expectations are for that money: you aren’t getting Holt Renfrew clothes at Wal-Mart.

And be part of un-breaking the model that’s currently breaking down.

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