In my one on one coaching work with clients, my least favourite diet trend is “Paleo” because it’s completely self-delusional.

Any diet that creates a simple rule such as “no grains” is easy for an end user to follow.

Paleo throws a lot of science at you, so it sounds very real.

But, listen, sorry…but you aren’t living like a caveman. Your life and lifestyle have nothing to do with “Paleo” any time you pick up your iPhone (circa 2007), get in a motorized vehicle (circa 1885), turn on a light (circa 1879) or read a paper book (circa 3100 BC). Your Crossfit class isn’t making up for your generally indulgent lifestyle (boo, hiss!).

So the idea of making simple, natural choices is, sure, a good one. But here’s where things shatter to the ground: legitimate cavemen (if they truly existed) ate fruits and vegetables without much else going on. No coconut oil, no avocado oil.

Locally, for example, according to the folks at Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, the indigenous people smashed Saskatoon berries with dried buffalo meat.

Appetizing, isn’t it?

So we like the idea of simple, clean living. And yet we want our modern conveniences and foods. I literally just saw a recipe for bacon tea. I mean… I’m pretty sure that’s a no.

I am no anthropologist, but I don’t think they’ve discovered the blender or the kettle under the buffalo jump yet.

I’m calling you paleo people out on scrounging around for the magic….the miracle thing that is magically delicious and has a health halo like nobody’s business. Who doesn’t want to throw down more bacon, especially if it’s supposedly the key to eternal health and longevity?

Reducing processed foods, yes. Eating simple foods, yes. Bacon tea? No. Just….yeah, no.

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