M’kay, North America….can we just chill on this “we all need to eat every 90 minutes” situation?

Libraries used to be no-food zones. So did stores.

And the problem isn’t really that it’s not 1982 anymore, it’s that we are collectively overeating snacks.

So then when we actually, say, work out…we (the royal we, natch) think we need “recovery” drinks from an hour-long walk on the treadmill, and specialized sports nutrition products for an afternoon.

And let’s talk about the children. I’m 99.9 percent sure our collective six year olds can make it all the way through a 90-120 minute after school activity without snacks halfway through.

So put down the pre-workout sport bar that’s “fueling” your workout. Put away the mid-afternoon almonds and set down the latte and try black coffee instead. Tuck away the post-workout smoothie designed with “whey for athletes.”

And try the good old three squares tomorrow.

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