“I’m 5’4″ and almost 200 lbs. I have tried everything. What do you guys think?”

I’m sick to actual death of Facebook posts (on support groups for moms) that are seeking crowdsourced solutions to weight loss struggles.

Can we all please stop recommending diets to one another on Facebook? And can we stop asking people without training or a clinical practice for advice?

To the askers: please do not ask friends, co-workers or neighbors about diets. Do not even ask your personal trainer or coach, unless they have a specific nutrition certification. And then find out what that certification is.

If you are asking a crowd, you are going to get a trendy answer. I don’t even have to say more than “I want to lose weight” right now, and I guarantee 90% of the recommendations would say “keto”. 4 years ago that word would have been “paleo” or “gluten free”.


Just stop. Paleo didn’t solve it, gluten free didn’t solve it. Clean eating didn’t solve it. And you know that’s true, because you probably also already jumped from one to the other to the other too.

Here are some proven diets, if you must.




Don’t expect the Facebook crowd’s free advice to actually help you. You already know they are going to say keto and you are using that to justify “trying” it. Do some real research about really boring, clinically proven programs. Ask your doctor. Hire a nutrition coach.

To the answerers: recommending a diet isn’t the same as recommending a roofer. If that person has “tried everything,” maybe what they need to try is some professional advice. Are you a professional? No? Then put your fingers away. Or recommend a professional who helped you. Your personal anecdotes about the 4 weeks you have cut out all carbs aren’t helpful. They are just feeding this nonsense and will likely help the poster end up a statistical failure on yet another “everything”.

And personal trainers: don’t be sharing your opinions unless you are certified in nutrition. Mind your scope of practise.

I love Facebook. And I love Facebook conversations and support boards. But helping women feed body mania and diet inanity? No. I do not love that.

So everyone? Please kindly stop.

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