There’s a difference between wanting to talk about something and wanting to get a result from something.

I’m part of a social network where approximately 80% of the women have a publicly stated desire to “lose 20 lbs”.

And they ask their girlfriends how to lose weight.

The resulting suggestions and tips drive me literally INSANE.

It somehow doesn’t occur to them to stop chatting about it and take appropriate action. Not a dramatic action like “never eating carbs”, but an action like, say, going to a professional.

To be clear, I don’t believe that you need to run to a personal trainer every time you work out, or to a naturopath every time you cook dinner.

But the insanity of asking your friends — especially when most of them are in the same position as you are — HOW to lose weight is beyond irrational. Spending some actual money to go to a person who’s actually attended a nutrition school and sees clients day in and day out who can help you develop a customized plan – based on your body, your life, your food tastes and cravings, your cooking skills, your food budgets and philosophy – to help yourself? That seems like an hour or three well spent.

I happen to know someone who’s good 😉

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