I just read that September is the “fattest month,” followed by December. So for anyone feeling their clothes pulling or pinching, you are normal.

So what to do now?

1. You could wait it out.

2. You could try the “old standard” and add some exercise.

To figure out what to add:

1. Look at your schedule and figure out WHEN exercise or movement could be incorporated into your day. One of the reasons we “get the fats” in September is due to changing schedules and overscheduling. So be real and be reasonable.

2. Select something that’s worked in the past. An activity that you love is going to deliver results more than something brand new when your schedule is jam packed.

3. Think ahead to contingency plans for: bordeom (eg: try a new class at the same gym); fatigue (reduce your workout or do some yin yoga that day); pain or injury (Yamuna Body Rolling). This isn’t using “willpower,” it’s committing to the idea of moving your body to keep moving for optimized physical and mental health.

4. Plan your playlists, get new running shoes, remember where you have your water bottle and figure out what other gear or supplies you need so that you are prepared in advance of your first day back.

If you have fallen off your wagon, text me at 514-804-0504 and I can help you climb back on.

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