As part of the Your Mindful Collective Intuitive Eating seminar, each participant named the biggest challenge that they personally felt was holding them back from being able to listen to their body’s signals. Two of my favourite answers?

* eating standing at the kitchen Island

* eating in the car

Why were those my favourite? Guilty, and guiltier.

I worked with a health coach myself to ditch my car eating habit. And I still have to cue myself to sit down instead of Island Eating.

So what’s really going on? Is it honestly about eating standing up? Or is it about literally not making 5 minutes of time for yourself in your own life? Is it about feeling like your kids or your job or your dog (or whatever/whoever) are taking precedence?

Research shows that a Thanksgiving meal takes 8-11 minutes to eat.

So we aren’t talking about needing an hour.

Can you find 5 minutes in your schedule to put your phone down and eat? Can you shift from the moving car to at least a still car? Can you make one change to commit to sitting at a table every time you eat?

You get the idea.

The struggle is real.

But you have to have time for yourself in your own life. Eating is one of the few things we can’t put off, we can’t outsource, and we can’t have anyone else help with.

If you need customized help to figure out how you can eat sitting down, without distractions, I’m at 514-804-0504.

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