I don’t get it. I just visited the site of a “keto bakery”. And bread is $13USD.

Didn’t we just do this with “Paleo” and “clean eating”?

* if Paleo wasn’t a successful thing, why are people amping it up two years later and doing Keto? (If it was successful, why aren’t people still doing it?)

* why does anyone thinks it’s ok to buy a $17 loaf of bread? (Who else remembers the “clean eating is elitist” arguments rolling around the internet?)

* why I’m seeing posts about how hard it is and how miserable it makes people? Yeah, that’s because I can’t think of a single place that grows coconuts where fruit isn’t widely available. (Fruit, aka, carbs).

* I support small business. But, honestly, save your money and book a plane ticket to a coconut-producing island instead of buying $17 no-net-carb bread.

* Carbs don’t kill. Sitting does. Skip the keto and get off your bum. Go skiing or skating or surfing or swimming. Or take a walk.

* Coconut mania needs to slow down. Coconuts are great, but they weren’t really meant to eat in bulk. Coconuts are hard to open, which is why rice, taro, and grain production advanced civilization. If you are skeptical, crack open your own coconuts and keep me posted on how much flour you extract in a week 😆

Step away from the coconut bread. And put your $17 toward a vacation to a coconut-producing nation.

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