Yeah, yeah, yeah…pumpkin spice latte.

Don’t lie to yourself or others…I know you are probably going to Starbucks this week.

Here’s what TO ORDER:

1. Espresso con patta. Why? It’s espresso, topped with whipped cream. Can you say: yum? It’s 30 calories, vs 130 in a latte.

2. Steamed milk, no flavour. Why? Who even knew this was on the (kids) menu? Plain steamed milk/alternative milk can be a great option to have a warm beverage without a zillion calories. Other bonus features: it will save you some money and let you sleep at night, without the caffeine hit of a latte/cappuccino.

3. Americans, cold or hot. Why? It’s 5 calories and it’s a classic.

4. The “short” size. Why? A secret size for those looking to cut down on caffeine or on the volume of a treat-y drink.

Here’s what NOT to order:

1. Iced white chocolate mocha. Why? You knew this inside when you were reading that…It’s 300 calories. Get a Dairy Milk chocolate bar instead.

2. Frappucinos. Why? These drinks are 1/3 syrup and sweetening base. Sweetening base makes the drink both sweeter and thicker, and a frapuccino isn’t the same without it. That’s a lot of sugar and a lot of sugar calories. Sorry.

3. “Skinny” drinks. Sure, it seems like a way to save calories and still get your sweet….but sugar free syrups are basically chemicals, and those chemicals are constantly in the press under shade for being carcinogenic or making you dumb. It’s not worth it, so either get the sugar (unless you have a medical reason for not getting the sugar) or order one of the drinks from the top list.

I didn’t say no to the PSL. But you are better than that.

Need some similar instruction for the restaurants you most frequently attend? Text me for help at 514-804-0504.

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