The water thing is out of control.

Listen, you don’t need 3 water bottles on your desk. You don’t need to set an alarm to remind yourself to drink water. You don’t even need to drink 8 glasses of water a day.


In a brilliant paper written in 2002, most of the myths about water are dispelled.

  • “By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated”. There is no evidence to support this

  • “Dark urine means you are dehydrated”. Science disagrees in most cases.

  • “Most of the population doesn’t drink enough water”. Data doesn’t support it.

  • “Tea and coffee doesn’t count.” That was never the case.

So where did all this come from?

Evidence points to a book written by Dr Frederick J Stare, who recommended “6-8 glasses” (and caffeinated beverages and food notably counted, and they also noted that the body mechanisms would function to self-regulate).

But that back of the book sentence has spun on its side and taken over the North American mindset.

  • 6-8 8 oz glasses of water is not the same thing as at least 8 oz glasses. You are probably drinking enough water
  • Coffee and tea count and so do things like smoothies
  • He body will tell you that it’s thirsty

And the paper debunks the magic health benefits of water (other than decreasing the odds of bladder and cancer).

So calm down. Your body knows what’s up when it comes to water. And you are more likely to do damage to yourself by over drinking than underdrinking.

So stop with the water.

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