The white square on the stage says: “please do not stand on the letters” — but sitting is not standing, and this week was about business owners, who by nature are the “do not break the rules, but don’t follow them either”.

My personal BOLD The MINDBODY Conference show awards for “sit if you cannot stand” go to:

* Just made that happen award – I’m going to give the Oscar to myself for ticking off a 10-year-strong “I’d like to do that someday” life’s-little-wishes list. Some months ago, I applied to instruct at the conference, which resulted in getting selected. I led a sold-out Tuesday night Yamuna session, which was a lot of fun, and an experience well worth waiting for! Lesson: Ask.

* Best multiasking – Sadie Nardini’s Rockin’ Yoga & Music Page. This badass simultaneously answered my geeky little business question (quite thoroughly) while simultaneously getting one-by-one photos with an entire line-up of session attendees. Lesson: Love those who love you.

* Best use of MINDBODY swag – CoachMike. Every single conference attendee got an orange trucker hat at check-in. Mike was BOLD enough to be literally 1 in 1000 – he stuck it on his head and never took it off. Lesson: Be BOLD.

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