I used to eat SO MUCH sugar.


I eliminated it completely at one point, because I was trapped in some horrible, unsolvable medical mystery where I would get symptoms, get drugs, get side effects from the drugs, feel normal for a week and then start over.

I went to a holistic nutritionist and eliminated ALL sugar, wheat, dairy and fruit from my diet. It worked.

But eventually I stopped enjoying my life and wanted to eat out with friends and enjoy my food.

In the meantime, sugar was identified publicly as a bad guy.

It’s not a health food, y’all.

So I now exercise sugar moderation/elimination at home and enjoy treats at appropriate occasions such as birthdays or Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

Here’s how I personally roll:

* I don’t buy sugary treats for my home. Because eating ice cream by the river in the summer is one thing, but having it in the freezer is another. If you have it in your home, basic human biology and common sense says you are going to eat it before you reach for the kale soup. So don’t have it in your home.

* I don’t eat dessert at restaurants, and if I’m craving a treat, I get a decaf coffee or a glass of champagne instead. Yeah, I know…decaf coffee isn’t really a “treat”. But alcohol is and I always choose one or the other and not both.

* I switched to black coffee. If you aren’t drinking black coffee, you probably like the taste of sugar better than you like the taste of coffee. Try coconut oil or butter instead as a starting point.

* I make my own vinagrettes, sauces and dressings, as I discovered that these are hidden sources of a lot of sugar. One of the worst unknown offenders is pasta sauce (I know, right?!?). So I don’t buy ANY bottled or jarred sauces (and you all are free to come audit my fridge any time you like). It’s cheaper, healthier, and you can cut most of your sneaky sugar consumption with this trick alone.

Need some specific help with reducing your sugar intake? Text me at 514-804-0504 and we can assess if you are a candidate for individualized coaching.

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