I try to write things that are practical, helpful, rational and sustainable. But when I look at the metrics of what gets opened on social media, it irritates me that it’s always “trend du jour” articles (presently its the word SUGAR) that get opened. Everything else? Crickets. And THIS is why the industry and put out articles and books that cater to dietary trends almost to the exclusivity of all else, thus keeping you on the hamster wheel eternally.

So here’s a memo. You guys, sugar is no more the nutrition devil than it was last year. Or in 1994. Or in 1979.

Sugar isn’t healthy. ✅

You already knew that.

So the problem? Removing it is not a special panacea for eternal health, longevity, and youth.

Stop looking for a magic bullet.

Yes, “THIS” (whatever it is this year) seems more scientific and rational than anything that’s come before. THIS will work.

But do you remember when it was fat, laying under the bus of nutritional shame? Susan Powter, anyone?

Do you remember when it was gluten?

Do you remember when it was all carbs and you did Atkins?

Bottom line is that nobody wants to hear that they have to eat sensibly: eat more fruits and vegetables, moderate levels of desserts and alcohol, consume a sensible balance of fats/proteins/carbs based on how your own body feels. And you have to do that infinitely. Not for 21 days. Not for 30 days. Forever.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Put down your finger when you see the word sugar. Move on and also read a balance of articles about a number of topics. You got this.

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