Before opening My Body Couture, I spent over a decade of my career in the media.

In those days, I didn’t make a living in the fitness media space, but I did religiously consume my Shape and Women’s Health subscriptions to feed my healthy living passions and studies.

And then I opened a business, let the subscriptions lapse and tossed out my back issues.

I’m not specifically pointing at the titles named above, per se, but the messages just didn’t align with the results that either me or my clients were getting, no matter how diligently we all tried.

Conversely, the: “a fitness professional put together this routine 14 years ago” conversation I have twice a year reinforces the benefits of updated scientific information.

Which sent me skirling for a new monthly magazine I could actually read.

IMPACT Magazine is literally the only title in the fitness space that I legitimately recommend: offering diverse (aka, not tied to ideology) but accessible workout information (aka, not covering a trend that isn’t widely available), straightforward guides to direct you to the who/what/where/when so you can execute your healthy lifestyle goals and some reasonable human interest stories.

And: it’s free

And: you can access it online.

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