6 year old to me: “what’s weight loss?”

Oh boy.

I used a bottle of oil as a visual, and told the child that “weight” was the word for how the body stored our oil, which is the extra energy from the food we eat.

Different people have different sized suitcases. And different people have store suitcases in different parts of their body, which is why people look different, and also why some people are bigger and some are smaller.

“What about exercise?”

If you exercise, your body opens the suitcase and starts to use what’s inside.

“What about food?”

If you eat, whatever energy your body doesn’t use goes into the suitcase.


So weight loss is just getting rid of some of the stuff in your suitcase.

The conversation seemed so straightforward , because we avoided the word “fat”, which, already by age 6 is infused with meaning.

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