You live in your body every single day. Some of those days aren’t going to be the best day ever. Some of the days of your life, you may drink too much or eat too much or “feel fat” or not get enough sleep or have to much stress or be sick.

It is seductive to believe that the calendar will turn and, from this Magic Day (New Years Day is a common one), you shall evermore be challenge-free when it comes to food or exercise or feeling good.

There is no “30 Day Challenge” or “Monday I start my cleanse” or “First Friday of the New Moon” that removes temptation or makes you love the exercise program you really don’t enjoy that much.

That bears repeating: No Magic Day.

And it doesn’t matter what sells you or tells you, or what program you are researching on Google, there is a better way than the Magic Day way.

So if you relate in any way, please take 5 minutes to read this article from my friends at Precision Nutrition.

And let me know what you think. I’m available by text at 514-804-0504.


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