Tuning into the body and developing greater self knowledge of your body’s sensations starts relatively simply …. with a checklist.

My group yin yoga classes are my favourite class of the week, as I blend anatomy and sensory exploration. With nearly every exercise, I ask students to review a checklist in their mind as follows:

(1) can you feel the exercise in the target area? You need to know why you are doing a given exercise, and if you don’t feel it in the tissues you are trying to effect, you need to add/remove props or you need to shift your body or you need to modify the exercise in order to feel it.

(2) is it effective? Can you complete the exercise for the duration you are being asked to? Is it the right “intensity” that you are seeking to create?

(3) is it injurious? The doesn’t mean breaking a leg, it means any kind of negative sensation or undesirable correlation in the body. A hotly burning, pinching, sharp or searing sensation, for example, is not desirable. A tensed neck when the target area is the glute? Nope.

I didn’t author these questions, I simply offer them as they helped me during my own teacher trainings to start better understand what I was feeling in my own body.

Try going through them for yourself the next time you are engaged in purposeful movement.

If you need help knowing where the target area is, I’m at 514-804-0504.

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