I’m just back from New York City, where I was speaking at the SOHO House on behalf of Meal Ninja.

I was brought in to do a “20 minute talk” that became a three hour conversation, thanks to a highly engaged audience!

I’ve been asked dozens of times “oh! what was your talk about?”….

The SOHO House is a private club, so if I tell you, I have to kill you (just kidding), but here are some top-line points:

* the diet and fitness industry create a culture of fear that sends you skittling for “the answer”.

* every diet (yeah, I know, we call them all “lifestyle programs now) works for some people. The person it usually works for wrote a book about it. That may or may not be remotely relevant to you/your life/your body.

* Our self-identity struggles when we decide we are a “person who doesn’t eat carbs” and then tucks in to a bread basket.

* Meal plans therefore don’t work. Because they shred your self-identity the second you eat the bread.

* Rather than following a plan or a program or a book or a diet, you need to figure out your own philosophy. Get help from an expert or coach, if necessary (I know a good one 😆).

* Healthy choices shouldn’t and don’t have to taste like you are sacrificing yourself. There’s a spectrum between cookies and salads.

Annnnd, so much more.

Let me know if you’d like to know more about creating your own food philosophy. I promise not to talk for three hours this time 😉

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