Last Saturday, I led an Intuitive Eating seminar discussion at the Your Mindful Collective Connects retreat. What were we talking about?

One of the participants mentioned that her challenge is swinging from “eating clean” to “binge eating chocolate bars”.

Who’s been there/done that?


The idea of perfect eating is compelling, particularly when it’s called “clean”. Who doesn’t want to be clean and pure? It’s another way we can tell ourselves we are being “good”.

I do know a few people who live on clean, healthy, pure food alone, but none of them binge on Dairy Milk alone at night.


It’s the mindset of knowing that you have choice.

I’d rather see you sustainably and regularly build in realistic treats that’s only 60-70 percent healthy than eating “clean” for 2 weeks and then binge eating chocolate bars and potato chips. (Note: I’m not talking about clinical eating disorder. For that, please call Angela Grace Buxton).

Because that 60-70 percent is where you are at. It’s real. And you can stop applauding yourself for being “good” and punishing yourself with binge-y behaviour.

Get real. Get honest. Stop swinging around like a monkey.

And then, and only then, can you make appropriate and real lifestyle changes that feel good and work for you.

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