I wrote a media pitch yesterday in response for a request for an expert opinion on “what you need to give up to lose weight and keep it off forever”.

I rapidly received a rejection letter for my response, which appears below (in an expanded version):


* The idea that other people have an easier time with weight loss than you do, or that “everyone else” can eat anything they want and be thin. Stay in your own body and brain.

* The idea that weight loss “starts tomorrow”. Tomorrow truly never comes.

* The concept that it requires discipline, willpower, or perfection. Health should feel easy, sustainable or enjoyable, or else you have chosen the wrong path (even if it’s one that worked for someone else you personally know).

* The mindset that you must give up carbs/fat/bread/gluten/sugar….the idea that a single food or food group is responsible is highly compelling, but it is extremely untrue.

* The notion of adopting a “lifestyle” or a “eating clean” program. “Clean eating” is just a euphemism for “diet”, and, frankly so is a “lifestyle.” This kind of language traps you in a success vs failure mindset.

* Talking about your body in a disparaging tone. Nothing positive ever comes from nagging.


It wasn’t what the writer was looking for.

But I’m pretty proud of my own thoughts on the matter of “what you need to give up to lose weight and keep it off forever”.

I lost a lot of weight and kept it off forever by giving up every one of the things above (plus a bunch more that run along a similar vein).

Rejection denied. 😉

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