I teach a lot of “stuff”…so here’s a primer on what just some of those things at the bottom of my e-mail signature mean….

STOTT Pilates – full-body exercise system that focus on the “core muscles,” plus strengthing the little muscles that surround every joint.

Yin Yoga – long-held floor poses that put tension and compression on the fascia for greater physical and mental flexibility.

Yamuna Body Rolling – body sustainability system using Yamuna Body Rolling balls to traction open the joints.

Rainbow Kids Yoga – family-based yoga for every phase of life, to increase mindfulness and flexibility, but also with a focus on connection and fun.

Critical Alignment – spinal-focused exercises to ensure that gravity’s forces from above and below move through the joints of the spine rather than creating muscle tension in the back.

Health Coaching – customized coaching to improve your health and nutrition.

There will not be a test on this later 😉

If you have questions or are interested in trying any of these techniques, I’m at 514-804-0504.


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