I reconnected with Jenifer Horvath, an acquaintance since our days together at U of A, some months ago. She took on the (ahem, let’s be totally real) rather difficult & sometimes intense task of being my Life Coach. I coach people all day, so I’m pretty self-aware, but I also literally do too many things in my life (but can’t edit anything because I LOVE EVERYTHING), expect too much of myself and challenge authority like a chatty, unfiltered toddler trying to say no to their mother and negotiating/renegotiating when the answer isn’t what I want to hear.

You get the idea.

And Jen somehow sorts out the mess in my brain….she magically selects the precisely optimal moment to spring the “really? I have to dig around and get real to answer THAT” question on me. And lets me work it out for myself instead of telling me what to do

I’m getting better at literally letting go of things (I’m keeping the recycling trucks busy these days). I’m getting better at not snapping into the first available action, no matter how much my instincts pull at me to “just solve it” (although, I’m still allowed to, she’s not the one saying no). I’m getting better at getting at trusting my gut and re-orienting my brain following those cringe-worthy “I-wish-I-hadn’t-done-that” moments.

She’s willing to look inside the basement with me and get out the flashlight as many times as necessary, through as many layers as I care to excavate. Importantly, I’m always the leader of the mining trip.

She’s fearless, which has helped me stand up from the puddle that I just tripped in, covered in mud, and emerge with a lesson in how to get gracefully dirty.

I’m still working on how to clean the mud off my Prada, but I’ll keep you posted.

I want to keep her forever, totally for myself, but if ANY of this resonates with you, you do yourself a favour and reach out to me for her info.

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