Last year, I had time to sit and chat one-on-one with one of my teachers, because I felt like I was overdoing it during teacher training. We did lengthy sessions each day and at some point, it wasn’t impacting me positively.

I reported to this teacher that I did 14-28 minutes of this discipline per day. And the response was….


Because? We have the cultural idea that “exercise” is to be doled out in 60 minute increments.

If it’s not 60 minutes, it’s a waste of time. Or it’s something to laugh at.

And I’m guilty of it too in my own studio: I teach 60 or 120 minute classes.

But frankly, that time commitment also keeps a lot of people from committing to even 1 minute.

The reason I was doing 14-28 minutes is because that’s what I could commit to, every day, without excuses.

And when I returned home, I felt sort of ashamed and I dropped to 0.

So what’s better? 14 minutes, 5 times a week (70 minutes) or 0 minutes, 5 times a week?

There’s nothing magic about 60 minutes.

There’s magic in 1 minute, every day.

Or 2 minutes, every day.

Or 3. Or 4. Or 5.

There’s magic in minutes that are sustainably done.

There’s no magic in 0.

So if you are struggling with an hour, because you have young children or a busy job or a long commute or don’t even like exercise very much….ditch the idea of an hour. And do as many minutes as you can commit to today, and for the rest of this week.

Because my 14 minutes mattered. And so do yours.

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