I’m a low-maintenence high-maintenence person…so I need things to be just right but then I don’t want to be bothered with maintenence efforts.

After arriving home from my recent vacation to a surprise bouquet of real flowers, that (shockingly!) died, I stepped into Small Flower for a new bouquet with some dread. Replacing them was a treat, to be sure, but the anticipated effort of discussing my just-so aethetics, cutting the bouquet to fit the vase, getting them home and fussing with jamming them into a vase…yeah, ok, I am lazier (“low maintenence”, let’s stick with that) than I want to publicly admit.

I emerged from the shop that day without a bouquet, but something much better: a floral subscription. Eeeee!

My sole responsibility is to pick up the flowers (I can handle that). The first bouquet is precisely the right size, right budget, and right aesthetic. I don’t have to cut or arrange anything, and I don’t even need to fret about their inevitable death — more flowers are on the way to fill the vase.

Their bouquets are unique and sophisticated, so I don’t feel like a mail-order FTD sell-out by choosing (ahem) the laziest path to gorgeous.

If you want to get details on floral subscriptions (you do), you can contact Elli at Small Flower.

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