I can’t tell you what to do in a fitness class because your boney structure is fully unique to you.

Just as your facial features are not quite like anybody else’s, and sometimes dramatically different than anybody else’s, your bones are your own.

The placement of the opening of the pelvis that the leg bone, or femur, attaches into, is a perfect example. Particularly noticeable on women, where the bones attach gives your pelvis a different look. “Wider” hips have different bony structures than, say, a Victoria’s Secret model.

So when my hips to do an exercise, it’s necessarily going to “look” different than when the woman beside me does it.

So I therefore can’t tell you with exact provisions what to do or precisely what it “should” look like.

I can tell you what the movement is, why we are doing it, and what muscle group you should feel it in is. I can tell you how long we are doing it for so you can gauge intensity. I can tell you where you should NOT feel it, and what other muscles in the body should be working vs what should be passive.

But I can’t tell you exactly what the exercise is going to look like. The fitness “Copy the teacher” model needs to stop. And, if you exercise with a trainer or instructor, you need to learn about anatomy and body sensations so that you can make good decisions for yourself.

If anything a teacher or trainer tells you to do feels bad, don’t do it. Because, no matter how many hours of training and experience that person has, you have more experience living in your body than they do.

A teacher is a guide, not someone who can tell you what to do.

And my job is to update your personal database of information so that YOU can tell yourself what to do.

Your bones tell no lies.

Listen to them instead of to me.

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