I heard myself describing my business to a new friend on the airplane on the weekend, and whenever I explain that the studio’s mission is to help high achievers live in more comfortable bodies (aka, ditch the aches and pains and other unsavories that get in the way of life), she, as most recipients of my explanation usually do, asked: “how did you get into THAT?”

In 1997, I hurt my knee running, badly enough that I couldn’t even walk down stairs, which wasn’t cute because I lived in a house with stairs up and down to the entrance. I urgently sought help from various practitioners including: a) the Rolfer from NYC, who not only was the first person I ever remember meeting from New York, but also who applied his technique so aggressively that it literally made me cry b) the sports doctor who told me I had “runner’s knee”, so I should rig up a system of rope and rocks (yup, rope and rocks) and do knee extensions in front of the tv. Uhhhhh…next please.

I was frustrated and unable to get out of pain.

Until someone suggested I visit a “pilates” studio. This was before the world had heard of pilates (that’s another story), so I wasn’t even sure what I was signing up for when I called Steve Bryson at Body Works Pilates Studio in Edmonton.

In those days, it was only one-on-one work (sound familiar?) and I remember instantly feeling better and also instantly having a strong feeling that I not only wanted to teach pilates one day, but also that I wanted to own a studio.

It took me 9 years from that introduction to pilates to do my first teacher training, and by then I was living in Toronto and could train with the world’s most respected pilates brand, STOTT Pilates.

I have added more modalities and layers of life experience to this work in the past twenty years, but freedom from pain was the original seed of why I do what I do.


Sidebar: I looked up Steve’s website today and learned the following….Steve himself had gone to the Dianne Miller Pilates Center in Vancouver “as a means to rehabilitate a serious back injury. After his first Pilates session, he felt immediate relief from pain and he credits master teacher, Dianne Miller for giving him back his life and sending him on a new career path.” Huh, well, there you go. Thanks for doing the same for me, Steve Bryson.

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