I have teachers. And one of my teachers, Alanna Kaivalya, recently posted this.


As a studio owner, everyone used to ask me some variant of “sooooo…..what’s your workout?”

And a few years ago, the truthful answer was: “nothing. I do not work out because my body is in pain 24/7. I can’t sleep through the night without waking up in pain. And I feel like a hypocrite working on helping you get out of physical pain when I’m in so much that I can’t move.”

So I lied.

I lied in the way that I gave social pleasantries to cover up the answer: “I changed my program last year”, “I am demonstrating all day long so it isn’t really the same for me”.


And one day, I decided to level with a client and tell them that I didn’t work out because it hurt. I could relate to their pain.

And, oddly, the sky didn’t fall. My business got better and my clients got more interesting. I developed new skillsets and helped even more clients to mitigate their back pain, shoulder pain and hip pain so they could get back to their accomplished lives.

As for me? Just like my teacher Alanna, I looked outside of my own teachings, adding two things that struck me as necessary: hanging upside down in aerial silks and yin with Nyk Danu Yoga (which, naturally, I now teach).

Pain sucks. I get it and I can relate. And I’m delighted when other teachers and practitioners step forward, as Alanna has done, because we are not immune just through some virtue of teaching.

If your body hurts, and you are over it, give me a call or send me a text at 514-804-0504.

I can help you because I’ve been there, no matter what I do for a living.


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