My favorite thing about presenting Yamuna is that even if I’m not in the room with you, you can help yourself. While this certainly is wonderful instructor-led work (I teach both classes and privates), the ultimate goal is to be free of a practitioner, which allows you to have a pain-free and sustainable body … forever. Once you purchase a ball for yourself, you can use it as often as you like in the areas of the body where you most need it. In that way, its truly the most empowering work available. (Note: however, I strongly recommend seeing a practitioner in order to initially learn the routines – it’s a specific technique and you need to understand what you are doing both intellectually and kinesthetically).

I recently taught this Yamuna class in Consort, Alberta, (where I don’t live). These ladies learned techniques to traction open their joints and reduce pain in their body. It’s a multi-hour round-trip drive from Consort to a major centre, so this class was a fantastic opportunity to learn techniques they can do on their own between time consuming visits to their massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist and/or physio.

No matter where you live, if you are interested in how this work could help, please contact me at or 514-804-0504.

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