I can’t do fancy yoga things. My bones just aren’t made that way, so this Dragon is about as fancy as I get.

A few years ago, my body hurt and I remember calling my health coach, Jessica Del Grande, and complaining: “even laying on the floor feels like too much.” The next~ish thing out of my mouth was: “I think I need to do yin.”

To be honest, I didn’t even really know what yin WAS. So I went to Google, and found Nyk Danu, who became my private yin instructor. She helped me get up off the floor, and all the way into this: the fanciest thing my bones know how to do.

In the first half of my yin teacher training, I learned that trying to do fancy things was what made my body hurt in the first place. Uhm, oops.

The world came full circle this month: Nyk and I were two of the 30 students in the last official Paul and Suzee Grilley Level 2/4 Yin Yoga Teacher Training at the Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, California.

She even took this photo of me up in the Redwood forest: proof that laying on the floor is not too much for my body anymore.

If you want to chat about the benefits of yin, call me at 514-804-0504.


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