I really wish yoga teachers would stop repeating the directive to “live in the present”.

It’s been said that depression is living in the past and anxiety is living in the future.

Optimally, the brain is able to focus enough on the present moment that neither anxiety nor depression are present.

However, the rhetoric of living in the present is actually just not great advice.


Have you BEEN around a 2 year old?

The ONLY thing a 2 year old is capable of doing is living in the present. A 2 year old brain isn’t mechanically developed enough to think about the future…which is why they need 24/7 supervision. There’s no sense of history or consequence which leads to rampant emotional changes and erratic actions.

It’s difficult to be around.

So instead of repeating and reinforcing the need to be “live in the present”, can we collectively change the phrasing? Because 2 year olds aren’t welcome in class, and we chose would erupt if they were.

So how about something like: “be in this class now, with a clear and focused mind, so that you can better come to terms with the past and make better decisions about the future?”


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