Yoga cues that should die: “one day, you will be able to…” (insert directive here, such as “get your head to your knees (as in forward bend),” “move your foot parallel to your knee (as in pigeon), “touch the floor” (as in forward fold)).

That *might* be true, but it’s only true if your soft tissues are restricting the movement.

It’s decidedly untrue if your bones are restricting the movement.

I’m the Queen of Bone Compression. I can’t do even one impressive-looking thing before my joints clunk together. So I spent time in yoga shame and pain before I learned about bone variation in my 200 hours of coursework with Paul Grilley.

Yup, you read that right: even though I was already an experienced instructor, I went to yoga class and created a chronic pain condition by following alignment-based yoga cues encouraging me to “find my edge” and enthusiastically encouraging me that today could be the oft-mentioned “one day.” I’m a mentally strong person, I guess, because I couldn’t feel a hamstring stretch (ever), but I developed a habitual rib dislocation that gave me some extra “length” to touch my toes. Go me.

So it took me 200 hours of study to learn how to help others in a similar position (and dissuade myself that I was a crappy yoga student).

Those cues mean well, but once you have been exercising long enough to strip off soft tissue restrictions, it’s your bones. It. Is. Your. Bones.

So you don’t need a 200 hour course for this: go to an instructor trained in bone compression (that’s me, just saying) and spend an hour to learn the difference between tension and compression in your own body.

So: to the “one day” cue: please go away and never return. What I will be able to do “one day” day is here and now, and won’t ever change as long as I stay active. Sorry to the yoga instructors who I might offend in the future, but I can’t do fancy things in yoga class, but I’ve learned to feel the difference between tension and compression. And oh boy, do I have a lot of whacky compressions.

If you want to learn more about what YOUR bones can do, please reach out by text or email. I specialize in the problem children of boney compression 😆.

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