If you comb through even the deepest archives of My Body Couture, you will find nary a single “fitness selfie” of me doing yoga on a beach when I wasn’t.

I’m a photography junkie and I love catching moments of my life (someone who knows me well warned my friend: “you don’t want to be on vacation with her if you are afraid of the camera). So I’m certainly not above photos and I’m not above selecting those photos to specific moments that are, well, the parts of my life that I want you to see.

So what’s the deal on my fake-fitness-selfie-hate-on? Even though everyone else in my business is “creating content”, I promise you that if you see a selfie of me on insta or FB exercising, I was actually exercising. And when you notice I haven’t posted one for a while, it means I haven’t been exercising for a while.

The business I created is ultimately about confronting reality so I can look, feel better and get more done in my life…and I can help you do the same. I’m snotty when it comes to how stuff looks, so it’s not about not caring about how I present myself, it’s about being honest about how I present myself. And I am not even being close to honest when I am busting out my Dancer’s Post (which, by the way, I hate) on vacation at Disney (which, listen, I know you that you know I wasn’t doing yoga in front of Space Mountain…and besides that, I have running shoes on, I didn’t even try that hard to lie).

Which brings me to this video. This guy is making a really big point using a really specific place. But the Yolocaust is happening every day, everywhere….

If you want your body to look and feel like a place that carries your soul around, you need to cut the bullshit and post what you are really doing. Sure, show us the good stuff, but don’t actually make it up. Aka, don’t be a douche.

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