Weight loss is not a “journey”.

Please, please, please, pllllllleeeeeeease stop calling things relating to your body and your life a “journey” or a “story”.

A journey is traveling from one place to another (or a 1970s band, if appropriately capitalized).

But your body? Travels with you, day in and day out. It’s not going anywhere without you: it’s always right there with you, so it can’t technically go on a journey. Stop implying that you left something and arrived somewhere else, just because you lose 20 lbs: it actually creates and reiterates a false narrative about what happens inside your brain or to your life when you lose weight (usually not much).

It’s not a “story”. That’s an “account or evolution”. You aren’t a wholly different person when you start ingesting shakes every morning and following a pre-set workout program.

A desire to lose weight is a desire to have and to hold a certain feeling about yourself: desire to feel better or feel confidence on the outside that you don’t currently have.

Check out some Danielle LaPorte.

And please stop selling false narratives with empty verbiage about your “journey”.

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