I’ve never yet met anyone who loves the idea of stripping down to a bikini to take a “before” shot, prior to embarking on a new exercise program.

But here’s why you want to do it anyway..

  • Humans have short memories. It’s literally impossible to remember what your body felt like 2 months ago. Even if you remember factually monumental items such as: “I was in pain and now I’m not”, an image will allow you to directly compare things that your brain cannot recall about your posture. That will help you to problem solve in the future, as it is non-emotional data about your skeleton, and how those changes impact your energy, performance and pain.
  • You literally shouldn’t be continuing to do more of anything that doesn’t generate results. I encourage clients to make one change at a time. So if you start a program with me, it’s based on fitness OR nutrition and it’s based on “no other changes necessary”. Evolution is allowed, but major programs where we remove all the carbs AND add in exercise are statistically less likely to succeed: tackling more than one change at a time reduces the chance (significantly) that ANY of the change will “stick”. So if you start a new program with me, it’s ONE change: the exercise or nutrition program at hand. And I frankly don’t want you to continue doing it if we look at before and after images 4-6 months apart and see nothing. (I’m not going to be looking at weight loss, if that was not the goal….I’m going to be looking at other things, like your posture). But you wouldn’t waste your time and money doing anything else in life that you put effort into and had 0 payoff and this is no different. However…
  • If we don’t have the images, and I’m not seeing you in person, we don’t have the data. I have live studio students that I can assess based on my own personal recall, but I can’t do it with my Facebook students. So then we have a data gap, and I can’t make an assessment when we don’t have information. So what I’m saying is….
  • Most people hate these images because they don’t look like an underwear model. Without professional lighting and a professional stylist and makeup artist, a top-rated photographer, a spray tan, and an airbrush artist: nobody is going to. Don’t let that hold you back. Take them so that your fitness or nutrition professional has a data point that they can use to help you get a program that is an effective use of your time and money. Ask them to help you analyze the photos: this is the kind of stuff we love (or I do, anyway). I’m a your-body-is-your body gal, so I’m looking at posture and head placement and for twists and turns in the body that we can balance and equalize.
  • And PS – this is what always creates the controversy in the fitness world about before/after images: weight loss. Results don’t necessarily mean weight loss. So don’t look at your weight if that’s not the primary focus of your fitness program. Adipose tissue reduction is not something I’m personally focused in my business, so it’s not what I’m assessing when I review before/after images (it may be for other practitioners: dialogue with them and find one of them if it’s a core goal), yet it’s often the only thing my clients are looking at when they look at themselves. So get a second set of eyes on your images.

In the meantime, I just took a set of “before” shots for my new online Yamuna Body Rolling course.

I got tired of waiting for my own personal swimsuit photo squad to arrive 😉

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