Warning: I’m about to eat crow.

Several years ago, I was outspoken about the Fitbit. As in: not on board. As in: not only didn’t think it was a good idea but actively went on the radio to give reasons why I thought it was a bad idea.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve not only changed my mind but I’ve got one strapped onto my arm, disguised in a bracelet.

And here’s why: 2018 was a rough year. As a result, I got on the Sedentary Train, which seemed to be stuck at the station. It’s a hard station to pull out of, and resulted in me feeling exhausted (duh), being mentally draggy and fully embracing a lack of desire to be active.

Instead of making a resolution to lose weight or take up boxing classes, I decided to check in with my daily movement, as I’ve always been more of a proponent of active living than I have been of the treadmill.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last 2 weeks:

  • I’m not where I need to be in terms of steps for generalized health metrics. Weird, given what I do for a living
  • A little bit of extra movement goes a long way toward building my energy (mental and physical) and that allows me to do more with my day.
  • An awareness of my shortfall in movement has led me to regain important former habits such as standing while I work and walking to work when it’s nice out (like today).
  • I’m satisfied with improvement and not focused on a goal (new for me!)

I’m still collecting baseline data but I will be back to blog about the Great Fitbit 360 of 2019!

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