There’s a difference between wanting to talk about something and wanting to get a result from something.

I’m part of a social network where approximately 80% of the women have a publicly stated desire to “lose 20 lbs”.

And they ask their girlfriends how to lose weight.

The resulting suggestions and tips drive me literally INSANE.

I remember the client who told me that she doesn’t want her kids to eat potato chips. So she just sneaks into the pantry at night and eats them when they can’t see her.

If you are a mom who wants to get healthier, feel healthier or be healthier, you NEED to:

* undertake your project as a family project, and include any and all other humans living in your home. It’s very unlikely that you are going to avoid the crackers you “bought for the kids” if you are personally on a low carb diet.

* see the direct relationship between what you feed your kids and what you feed yourself. I know people who feed their kids macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, but are clean-eating vegetarians themselves. But what you feed your kids should closely resemble what you eat yourself. And vice versa.

* establish a “treat” policy. Is it special occasions only? Outside the house only? Daily after dinner? Have a family conversation and follow it.

* Engage your kids in cooking. Have them help make salad dressings, or side dishes. Research shows kids are more likely to eat what they help cook.

* Enlist some help to manage your particular family’s foibles and challenges. Consider some health coaching, which can quickly get you on the right path. Feel free to email me at or text 514-804-0504 for more information.

And don’t be the chip lady.

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