Interested in starting a regular yoga practice?

Here are some expert tips on how to begin, what to expect and when you will start to see results, including my thoughts:

Janis Isaman, owner of a Calgary-based studio, says to use common sense. If you’re physically active, jumping into a daily yoga practice may be no big deal. If you’re brand new to working out or attempting to get back in shape, you may want to begin with a few times a week.

Isaman says there aren’t any rules about how long a yoga practice should be. Generally, though, studio options last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. That doesn’t mean you always have to practice that long, though. Doing a little bit of yoga every day is better than an hour once a month.

“The bigger question is: Can you sustainably do yoga every day?” Isaman asks. “Do you have the time and interest to do so on a longer-term basis? I generally prefer people do it one to three times a week for years than do a 30-day challenge, burn out, and quit after a month.”

“You will get results after the first class,” Isaman says. “Those results may not be what you are looking for in terms of dramatic gains, but every class will generate results.”

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