Yesterday, my cousin was hoping that I’d written about motivation today.

I hadn’t. But let’s talk about that.

You can’t be motivated without goals. And you can’t have goals without knowing what your top three priorities are.

This is often given to us in assignments called “find your why” or “mission statement” or “core desired feelings.”

Bottom line is: we have limited time, resources and “care”. Working out might be a top 5 priority but when 1, 2, or 3 are pressing upon us, oops…

It’s ok if your body isn’t one of your top 3. Most people with spouses, friends, jobs or careers already have those spaces filled. And unless it’s a true passionate hobby, it might fall underneath #4 or #5.

So get off Instagram. Those memes make it worse. Try to stop beating yourself up for not being able to care right now. Do something that makes you feel good and productive.

If your workouts matter, they will re-appear on your time and energy priority list. If they don’t, scratch it off what you were doing and figure out a new way to get health or fitness on the list in a way that does matter to you.

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