I have a (only kinda) secret: I have a crazy rib, which frequently dislocated and causes chronic pain (yup, it’s part of why I do what I do). It moves around (in an inch and up an inch), and causes pain: not anybody’s idea of a good time. I can do what I do on you, but it’s hard for me to get outside myself with the same self-detached critical assessment, so I went looking for help.

I was very excited to find an amazing solution, in the form of a wonderful massage therapist at Apex Massage Therapy LTD, who has literally altered the situation. I’ve been seeing Jerri-lyn Chisholm on Mondays and seen some tremendous changes: I haven’t had any rib pain since I started, and she’s re-situated my bony little friends so that I can breathe better (and get back to exercise, woo hoo). I leave our sessions with my ribs closer to their original home, and the results are holding, when combined with my My Body Couture exercise techniques. I’m sooooo, sooooo, sooooo grateful for her skilled and practiced hands as a tool to help my body feel better.

Watch for news and updates on our work together. And in the meantime, I definitely recommend her hands to help you bridge any gaps you could use help with!

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