One of my industry colleagues on a Facebook group is writing about “what your personal trainer won’t tell you about his/her fitness life,” and wanted some ideas for her blog.

120 trainers have weighed in in the last hour alone, most confessing their “sins”.

75 percent of the responses are about food:

  • I love potato chips
  • I love bagels
  • I eat cookies
  • I drink wine
  • We eat pizza
  • We drink vodka
  • I eat nacho chips
  • I love bread
  • I eat chocolate
  • I don’t keep a food journal even though I tell my clients to
  • I don’t track my macros even though I wish my clients would
  • I drink after working out
  • I love donuts
  • I eat gummy candies
  • I eat fast food chicken sandwiches
  • I love dessert
  • My diet is never on track for more than a day

The “shameful” “big secret” that most your personal trainers have to share is that they don’t “eat clean” (🙄) all the time.

Ok, whoa.

First of all: who said ANYONE is supposed to live without wine or beer or vodka or cookies or bread or donuts or candies or desserts or pizza or nacho chips?

And why do trainers feel eating these foods is so shameful that over a hundred raced to confess in the first hour? All the while telling their clients they “should” be living up to this standard? (If they didn’t think it was “bad,” they wouldn’t need to mention it when asked).

So I have said it before but I’ll say it again: most of the fitness industry is playing pretend.

  • We tell clients to keep food journals or count macros that we aren’t willing to do ourselves?
  • We are eating “carbs,” (which everyone openly did 10 years ago) in secret?

It’s ridiculous.

The shame in eating bread or donuts or cookies needs to stop. Just ask an Italian. Pleasure is a part of life and a part of enjoying food (the biggest part, in fact. Brain research proves it), and part of having a social life (which is also important in happiness and longevity).

There is nothing wrong with any of the foods on the list above. None of them.

  • Who cares if they are “carbs?” All scientific evidence shows that there’s no difference in weight loss results between a low fat diet and a low carb diet.
  • Who cares if you that list above contains junk food? Enjoy it and eat nutritive food in between.

The main thing I got out of that post was: don’t train with a trainer who says they are perfect. They are lying to you.

Only two (including Christy Van Vliet from Edmonton) said: I try to be honest, and I’m not hiding anything!

So find one of those 2%.

Find a fitness professional who honestly lives a balanced life and who eats potato chips AND drinks wine sometimes. That person will never pretend be perfect or to ask you to count things they aren’t counting (and you probably don’t need to be counting anything anyway, fyi).

That person is real. And unless you are training for the Olympics (or are a legitimate high level athlete of any kind), or are a bodybuilder, that person is probably just like you.

And PS — If you are curious, another 10 percent are about how they don’t have motivation to work out without their own trainer/don’t stretch/don’t do cardio/don’t warm up/don’t work out as much as you think they do….

Find the 2%

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