Someone got grumpy with me the other day because they didn’t feel like I explained the “value” of cardio in my blog post.

Value as in the value of “building stamina”.


Ok, so here’s the real deal on what I was saying.

If you are into cardio, do it. Per the title of that blog post….if running is your jam, run. If you dig spinning classes, carry on. (And if you are into those classes then “stamina” has value, because you need the stamina to get through the classes).

However….that article was written for the other 90% of you: the 90% of the population who either (1) have gym memberships and don’t go or (2) don’t even bother with the gym membership in the first place.

That article was for the 102% of people who “do cardio” to “lose weight”. All I was saying is: you basically aren’t going to lose weight doing cardio, because your body compensates around the cardio.

And I’m sorry if you didn’t like what science has to say about that.

So as for “cardiovascular health?”

I didn’t say to sit around on your butt. I didn’t say to become, or to stay, sedentary. I didn’t say you should let your body decompose and eventually have a heart condition.


I was simply saying that you don’t need to “do cardio.”

Evidence shows that good old fashioned walking takes care of all your heart health and cardiovascular system needs. Like: 15,000 steps of walking (~11km). Every day.

After all, if you are never going to run a marathon, why train for one? If you don’t even own a bike, why bother building “stamina” for the bike?

But let’s be real: 50 years ago, we didn’t even have “cardio” equipment. Women were not allowed to run the 1st marathon.

50 years ago, people were more active in their lives and communities. They walked more. They sat less. They didn’t need step counters to get 15,000 steps in.

So don’t be grumpy with me. “Doing cardio” is a thoroughly modern construct. I’m fighting against the mass commercial messages of 1980+

So, do the dang cardio if you dig it. Carry on.

But for the rest of you? Walk, be active, and live a full life from a vantage point other than your butt. Don’t worry about stamina for things you are never going to do anyway.

And for all of y’all: skip the cardio if you are trying to lose weight because the net gains are not there.

And smile.


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