At last week’s BOLD The MINDBODY Conference, one of the keynote speakers was the esteemed Deepak Chopra.

I secured my front-row seat, plus grabbed two cups of Loews Hollywood Hotel coffee (I’ve heard him speak before and was already prepared for him to wander into the “I need some more coffee to comprehend this,” territory) ….

He covered off the 6 pillars of wellness – familiar territory to anyone in health (sleep, stress management, movement, emotion, nutrition, grounding). But Deepak’s really all about the collective consciouness, so try reading this both before and after coffee this morning…

* We are changed by experiences, and the body you walked into this room with is not the same body you are reading this text with. In one year, you recycle 98% of your cells, so you are literally changing with your food, the people around you, your breath.

* You are therefore not your body. Your life is a dream.

* What, then, is the point of having a good body? You want to upgrade the dream.

* Your mind is not in your brain. Your mind is in all the cells of your body and there is communication of all the cells of the body. Every part of our body has a mind.

* Our body dances to the tune of the universe, even if we don’t know the tune.

* The body is not a thing: it’s an activity, a process, a consciousness field. The body is an experience, and your experiences are generated by you and disappear back into you.

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