I attended a nutrition talk by Harvard-trained physician and Ironman athlete Dr David B Phillips last night. I was shocked to find out how many fruits and vegetables those of us who exercise ACTUALLY need:

* current epidemiological research shows that we need to each 7-13 servings of vegetables EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

* if you are an athlete and work out for 60-90 minutes in a 24 hour period, you need 16-18 servings (!!!) of vegetables to combat the oxidative stress of exercise (my face did a thing when he said that, I’m sure of it).

* synthetic vitamins are not going to make up for that oxidative stress (sorry). Data from large longitudinal studies have started to roll in and in many instances, synthetic vitamins have no influence. In other instances, they are actually causing harmful side effects.

Whoa. So I’ll be right back, I’ve got 14 heads of kale to eat…

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