Confession: I just attended my first pilates class in (ahem) four (?) years. I remembered all the things I love about pilates. And discovered that I am weak in my upper body.

It makes people uncomfortable that I don’t “work out”. My body had some “stuff” I needed to deal with, and I work with Jerri-lyn Chisholm of Apex Massage Therapy LTD for massages, and Angela Grace Buxton of Heart Centered Counselling & Consulting and Dr. Michelle Speranza of The Vital Posture Clinic – Practice of Upper Cervical Chiropractic.for chiropractic.

And I, of course, do yin almost daily.

The three of these practitioners have worked with me to advance my “stuff,” body that can function this year, so now I can do my own pilates.

But: it often makes people shift nervously when they find out I’m not doing pilates. How can it be??

It can be because:

* Teachers are normal people. And I’m working on the same things everyone else is: mental and physical wellness.

* Teachers need the same things everyone else does: practitioners to help assess, guide and support us through the process

* Just because I’m not doing pilates, doesn’t mean I’ve taken to sitting in a heap, eating potato chips and weeping. My hiatus left me less strong in my upper body, I grant you that, but also active in other and different ways that turned into some positive surprises today.

I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. But in case you’ve been shy to come and try pilates with me: I understand you. And I know exactly where you are.

Text me at +15148040504.

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