Last year, I partnered with Small Flower on 17th Avenue to offer the most amazing class ever (I might be biased?).

Elli and I combined our identical philosophies into a unique floral meditation meets yin yoga class for a unique evening of self discovery, relaxation and luxury.

Every floral arrangement created by Small Flower is unique, with flowers and design customized for the season, occasion, aesthetics and budget of the customer.

At My Body Couture, I offer a customized approach to the body. No two people are structurally identical, so therefore no two yoga poses, sequence of exercises, or experience will be alike between two different people.

Our class opened with a mesmerizing multi-sensory meditation, where Small Flower owner Elli invited us to observe her creating a stunning bouquet. She walked us through her process of creation and invited us to touch and smell the elements she was including in her bouquet. This was no standard meditation! We were fully present in the moment with sight, sound, touch, scent and beauty.

We were then invited to select a vase according to what pulled our attention (there was no right and no wrong), and create our own floral creation. We used our own intuition to select flowers that drew our attention by way of texture, smell, appearance or other. Everyone’s creation was different. And stunning!

Then we moved to a yin practise, a quiet yoga experience. The focus of yin is to go inside and be more connected to your body, so that you adapt the pose to your own particular body. I led the class through some body awareness exercises to get more connected to the sensations before and after the poses, so that each person could add that to their own personal databank of information about their body. Yin is a calming practice, so everyone left relaxed, restored and radiant!

Yoga and flowers….what could be better?!?

We invite you to be part of our next group on April 15th.

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