Unless you LOVE doing cardio, skip it.


A 1999 study showed that in subjects with an average age of 59:

“an exercise training programme of moderate intensity resulted in an improved physical fitness but had no effect on total daily physical activity. Training activity was compensated for by a decrease in non-training physical activity.”

In other words, the study’s subjects moved less to compensate for the cardio at the gym. Aka: people sat more, took the elevator more, fidgeted less, walked shorter distances after they had parked (etc) which ruled all that cardio effectively ineffective.

Additionally, four-month study of women age 60-72, published in August of 2017 showed that:

“aerobic exercise training did not change total daily energy expenditure, resting metabolic rate, nonexercise activity thermogenesis, or total physical activity”

In other words, cardio is not having the promised effect on calorie loss as there is no change in total daily calorie expenditure (or any other promised result).

So, hit the spin bike or treadmill if you really love it and it’s your life passion.

Otherwise just get busy enjoying your life. You will burn the same volume of calories and you will be much more effective with your time. You can get your fitness in more functional ways.

What to do instead?



Engage in passionate hobbies.

Find a sport you actually adore.


Get active with kids.



Meet a friend for coffee.

Or make your own list of things you Love about life and go do some of them today.

(Good advice anyway, right?!?). But: you are hereby given permission to skip the cardio.


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