Here’s a question I often get asked: what’s a healthy food that probably isn’t so healthy?

Here’s looking at you, coconut oil. Sure, I absolutely believe that coconuts are “healthy fat”.

But, let’s think back to the 1990s, when the movie popcorn scandal erupted. Popcorn was a heart attack in a bucket and you were lucky to make it out of the theatre alive.

What was the oil doused on your popcorn that was going to literally give you a heart attack?

yeah….coconut oil….

So without getting deep about anything: let’s assume Susan Powter was wrong about everything, and coconut is healthy and will make you slender.

Great. We can all agree.

So here’s the thing: coconut oil is now in everything. Everything. Everything. Everything.

I recently had a coconut milk matcha latte. So delicious. But healthy? I wish.

Coconut, served in an appropriate quantity (aka, the amount you could eat if you cut open a coconut yourself) might be good for you. But in your latte for breakfast, in your snack bar, and as an oil on top of everything you cook? Served on the plate in a ball?

Wishful thinking, sorry.

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