Sometimes it feels like my part time job is arguing with my girlfriend about nutrition.  My friend and I went to Health Coaching school together, and much as I love her, I get insanely rage-filled when we discuss dietary theories and practices.

We both went to the same school and theoretically both have the same foundation of beliefs. But where we deviate comes down to…I hate using this word, but here it comes…privilege.

Food choice is privilege.

Your paleo diet is privilege.  And ya, I already know….everyone’s over that already….

But guess what? That keto diet, hot on its ass, is privilege, too.

Your choice to google your dietary choices is privilege.

And its not wealth privilege. It is food security privilege.  It is the type of privilege that comes from living a middle class lifestyle in a developed nation with water, heat, power, and access to Google.  It is the privilege of being able to have enough money to decide that you want to buy organic or the plebian “dirty” food.  It is the privilege of owning a fridge to store your food in so it does not go bad.  It is the privilege of deciding to eat eggs or meat or deciding that you can eat beans and vegetables instead.

It is the privilege of never having to kill the meat you eat. Or skin the buffalo. Or dehydrate or preserve the meat that you choose to eat every meal and then ask me where I get my protein as a vegetarian.

It is the privilege of never having to collect the eggs you eat and stand in the chicken coop that smells like chicken butts.

It is the privilege of not having to grow your own potatoes.  And weed the garden for 13 hours…well, that might apply to some people, but I had to, as a child (in my own mind).

It is the privilege of not having to, even once in your life, except for fun, milk a cow.  Or kill a buffalo.  Or eat seal blubber.  Or live a year — or 14 — on potatoes.

It is the privilege of being able to eat out.  Or of determining that you are on a “clean” diet or a “cleanse” or a “sugar free” diet or one of 95 other things that prove that you are pure and clean and privileged.

It is the privilege of parents who owned dishes. And a mom who cooked. And a basic education to ensure that you had things in your life to look forward to other than babies, so you didn’t procreate at age 14 without so much as a high school education. It is the privilege of having garbage collection and sanitation services to sweep away all that could be unwanted or make you sick.

It is the privilege of having an income. And lunch containers. And a local school. And transportation.

Archeology shows us that the human species can basically adapt to anything. So I don’t want to debate the finer points of carb vs protein ratios. It doesn’t f’ing matter to your body (for the most part) or to humanity in the least.

I don’t want to debate how much sugar you are eating. Cut that shit out. Just quit eating sugar, and you don’t need a fancy “Keto” plan to justify anything further about cutting back on sugar.

Respect that your ancestors killed or foraged for what they ate. Quit counting calories or obsessing about ratios. Stop reading Google and eat what you already know is good, safe, nutritious food. Be grateful you have heat, power, water, and a safe and steady food supplies. Don’t sweat the things that don’t matter. And mind your own business.

Michael Pollan said it.

Eat food. Not too much.


If it’s a plant, eat it. If it’s made in a plant, don’t eat it.

Do those two things. And quit being a snotty jerk about the rest of it. That pie above isn’t going to kill you: it’s homemade.

If you need help with what to do to follow Michael Pollan’s instructions, I can help: 514-804-0504.

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