Why yin?

Yin yoga is done mostly on the floor, with a focus on customizing the poses for your own bony structure. The poses are held for minutes at a time, creating a chemical change in the body that results in relaxation and a sense of calm. If you are busy and active, it is nearly essential work to balance and sustain your mind and body.

Why me?

Yin is the only yoga discipline that doesn’t require teacher training (😳), but I travelled to California twice to take 200 hours of training from Paul Grilley, who is the founder of yin. I’m one of just three teachers in the city with this credential.

I personally found yin when I was an overwhelmed mom of a toddler plus a new business owner PLUS was suffering from pain in my back, and it continues to keep me moving!

Why now?

This is a pre-registered class, and I’ve just taken over this class from another Grilley-trained teacher who is leaving the city. I’m re-opening registration to new people who want to join, so it’s a great time to jump on board!

Why is it pre-registered? Can’t I drop in?

By maintaining the same group for an entire semester, everyone gets more benefit (because everyone is at the same pace and place, and we don’t have to back-track every class for the one new person who is just dropping in for a single week). So it enhances your experience tenfold!

I don’t like yoga. Will I like this?

This is the mind-body element of yoga, without the more standard poses that we think of as “yoga”. The focus in yin is on finding what works for YOUR body and we won’t ever do a single Warrior 2 or Sun Salutation. Aka: I don’t really like yoga either, and I like this 😉

Email me for more details or to register.


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