On January 1, I woke up and decided to offer an 8 week course in Yamuna Body Rolling.

I am SUCH a believer in the power of this work, and I wanted to see what happened to people’s physiques simply by rolling for 2 hours a week. (Trust me, I see it every day, but everyone is sceptical of the power of something that doesn’t involve traditional “exercise”!)

I didn’t ask anyone to change their diet (some people did). I didn’t ask anyone to change/add/delete other exercise from their life, although they had the freedom to do so. I didn’t require anyone to sweat or count reps or track or monitor anything along the way. All I asked participants to do was to find 2 hours a week to get on the ball, and do a Yamuna Body Rolling class with me on Facebook.

I don’t actually believe in “before and after” photos, so I thought very carefully before sharing them. And I HAD to. This photographic proof of the power of 3 balls, and 16 hours of instruction is irrefutable — she has different posture. I don’t know if she lost a pound (and, as she says: “There is no unit of measurement for the difference in how I feel – which is way more important!!”) but she came to the class because “I have been struggling to find something to help me tone and strengthen without aggravating (my) body”, after having two children and suffering from shoulder and foot pain (see her story below).

The change in her body is a truly a testimony to the power of this work and ultimately why I decided to teach this course: to make it available beyond my studio doors to anyone and everyone.

The next class starts March 5. It’s already full, but I decided to release 5 more spots today for people who need this type of postural change. If you have 16 hours and access to Facebook, PM me or text me ASAP if you want in!


Angie’s testimonial (February 25, 2018)

YBR has improved my quality of life. The one hour sessions have helped me to quickly identify problems in my muscles or joints, and has given me the tools work at those areas. Janis describes this as body awareness. She encourages us to take the time to check in with our body regularly through the sessions – something that we often neglect with our busy lives. Janis is very knowledgeable and practical. Her course is taught with understanding and appreciation of body differences.

YBR has become a necessary part of my routine for overall body wellness. There is a freeness to my muscle and joints, giving me a more youthful body feeling. YBR has allowed me to return to some activities that I wasn’t able to do before because of joint/muscle injury. I recommend Janis and YBR to friends and family.”


Angie’s story (January 3, 2018)

“My story is not an uncommon one. I have always been an active, athletic person, who has taken her body for granted for so many years. About 5 years ago, after having my second son, I was anxious to get myself back into shape and really worked hard to do so. I

would say that I felt like I was in the best shape of my life. I improved my strength and endurance with regular workouts and training. At some point during this time, however I developed injuries that I seemed to ignore, or just shrug off. These injuries have caught up with me in the past couple of years. I had shoulder pain that prevented me from lifting my arm, sometimes to even get a shirt on. I have foot pain, that my ortho surgeon says is non surgical at this time. Fortunately I have a fabulous chiropractor who has significantly helped my shoulder pain, but I still struggle with foot pain intermittently. Despite orthotics and other foot devices, I have a metatarsal instability and a small (non surgical) bunion on one foot. These injuries have made me almost afraid to exercise. I had to take time off from regular exercise to give my body and mind some grace for healing. Once I got the clear from my doctors, I started back to the gym, but quickly found out that my regular workouts that I have been doing for the

better part of my adult life, caused me pain afterwards. I could run or bike, but the next day, always would have very painful foot pain that would affect my ability to walk/stand at work. I can’t lift any significant weights without tweaking my shoulder to

some degree – which my chiropractor calls my trigger point. Even adjusting to lower weights and using the best postures possible I feel like I am easily injured and my mind is sent back to the time that I was dealing with significant pain.

I have been struggling to find something to help me tone and strengthen without aggravating the body that I have now. Which is a different body than I had before. I think it has taken me some time to realize that. I can’t just get the quick results that I used

to get. I also can’t perform the same exercises that I had before. I need something new, and I need something effective. I hope that this program is going to give me the tools I need to improve my fitness, without causing me pain afterwards. I am looking forward to participating in this class!”

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